About Us

When you buy local everyone wins!

Based on this idea, we hereby introduce ourselves as India's first digital platform exclusive for local Indian products made by Small, Rural and Growing Entrepreneurs

Local Products give you an opportunity to be delighted and surprised with what you might find around any given corner.

Whatever you can imagine to buy, there is likely a local seller just waiting to be discovered. Our App "V4L" allows you to discover hidden treasures right in your own backyard. They can beat any giant in product quality. They are small but aspirants from your own towns, villages and streets.

We are launching this digital platform to introduce and encourage our unseen and brilliant small business entrepreneurs by putting them first in consumer goods category.

We are also welcoming such local entrepreneurs to join us who are dealing in different categories such as

1) Groceries

2) Personal care and Home care Products

3) Handcrafts Items

4) Men, Women Fashion

And any innovative product which deserves recognition.

Our Mission
Our Vision

Taking consumer product buying to a new level of local acceptance which is not only limited to Indian made big brands but also spreads across each town and village of India where Small Entrepreneurs are working hard to get recognition and their fair market share.

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